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Hey guys! I know I really suck at making my journals interesting XD But I'm not giving up. Here we go for one of my journals again!
As some of you probably have seen, I recently posted a photo of my Naruto Ryujinki cosplay to my gallery. I have finished making the cosplay not so long ago, but I still think I need to fix some things so it doesn't break during a convention.
In my Gallery :
NARUTO - Ryujinki / Dragon Blade Cosplay by TessaCrownster Naruto Ryujinki / Dragon Blade Cosplay (part 2) by TessaCrownster My world - Naruto Ryujinki / Dragon Blade cosplay by TessaCrownster
Oh well, here are behind the scenes! Enjoy~ :

Climbsmallryujinki by TessaCrownster
This was the very first picture! I was climbing up the mountain, and it was tricky because there were many insects and spiky plants. My poor Ninja shoes went through a lot.
Myworldryujinki by TessaCrownster

This is a picture where I can see the view on Genova Italy (where I live). I thought it was a really cool view, and I added a "Fish eye" effect to the photo to make it seem even more like as if I were looking down at the world! I really like this one so I might even post it later in my gallery!~
Ryujinkisleep by TessaCrownster
It was really hot! And we needed to take a brake. So me and my dad climbed up another hill (where my ninja shoes also suffered) to stop and look at the view before heading home for lunch.

Ryujinkiblade by TessaCrownster
To bad I had the sun and wind in my face, it was hard to see, therefore I look expressionless in the photo xD
Ufo by TessaCrownster
In many pictures I saw later that this weird orb was present. At first I thought it was a bug or dirt on the lens. But if it were dirt it would appear on the same locations in other photos xD I even sent the picture to a website that talks about UFO's, to see if they thought it was real or not. Because there have been many stories about UFO's being seen over the  city where I live. 
My picture even got posted on their website… I guess that naruto is famous for seeing an UFO now lol.

Cardrive by TessaCrownster
Me in the car, on my way home! Don't I look like a fluffy doggy hanging out of the car window? haha all I need to do is stick out my tongue, and perfect.

•Details on the making of the cosplay•
Ryujinkiwippouches by TessaCrownster

Arm pouch and back pouch!
Narutodragonblade by TessaCrownster

Dragon blade! (Which broke when I was climbing up a rock. So i'll have to fix it again... D: )
Narutoryujinkifinal by TessaCrownster

A picture I took near my home, to see the final result of the cosplay before going out to do the photoshoot!

I hope you enjoyed !!


TessaCrownster's Profile Picture
Tessa (me)


(Naruto Shippuden)
•Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden) ; Gennin ; Senin, Konoha cape ; Broken youth ; and even his pyjama..
•Sasuke Uchiha

•Allen Walker

• Shion (Not in gallery)

• Near

(Guilty Crown)
• Inori Yuzuriha

(Pheonix Wright - Video Game)
• Maya Fey (not in Gallery)

• America / Alfred F. Jones

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